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How the Virtual Printer works

  1. The user prints a document to the virtual printer from any application.
  2. The virtual printer intercepts the print job and saves each printed page as EMF file.
  3. The virtual printer converts EMF files to specified output formats. All files are saved in the current user temporary directory or specified output directory.
  4. The virtual printer creates an INI file with print job information and paths to the generated files.
  5. The virtual printer sends the path of this INI file to a specified application using one of following transfer modes:
    - Command line transfer mode. The virtual printer will run the specified application with the path of the INI file in the command line parameters.
    - WM_COPYDATA transfer mode. The printer runs the specified application (or looks for a running instance) and sends it the path of the INI file using a WM_COPYDATA message.
    - Clipboard transfer mode. (This is obsolete and intended for legacy applications.) The printer runs the specified application (or looks for a running instance), puts the path of the INI file on the clipboard and notifies the application.
  6. Your application receives the INI file and parses it. Now you can perform any final actions (moving files, transferring files, etc.). You should delete files from the output directory when you are finished.


Virtual Printer demonstration


Development to order

We offer personalization of the virtual printer with your name, the install and uninstall modules, and also instructions for the integration of the virtual printer in the client application.

Virtual Printer for Developers requires a one-time fee. Distribution of the printer with your programs does not require any additional payments. We will make all additional customization to make sure that the printer fully satisfies to your requirements. A source code is also available for purchasing. Its license allows the code modifications.

The total cost depends on the features ordered...


Download free demo

EMF Virtual Printer Example - Windows XP/2003/Vista/7
EMF Virtual Printer Example, x64 edition - Windows XP x64/2003 x64/2008R2 x64/Vista x64/7 x64

PostScript Virtual Printer Example - Windows XP/2003/Vista/7
PostScript Virtual Printer Example, x64 edition - Windows XP x64/2003 x64/2008R2 x64/Vista x64/7 x64


Supported Output Formats

PostScript Virtual Printer

EMF Virtual Printer

PS (without converters from PS to other formats)
EMF (and so JPG/PNG/BMP/PDF/... )

! 300x300 and 600x600 resolutions are only available.
! Size of the generated EMF-files is less by 100-150px than the ingoing size.

EMF (and so JPG/PNG/BMP/PDF/... )
Plain Text


System requirements

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7. No 3rd party software is required.

Virtual Printer menu

Latest news

July 18 2017
EMF to PDF converter has been improved:
+ Fixed a text clipping selection for records with ETO_CLIPPED flag;
+ Fixed a clipping path construction with using logical operations, such as AND, OR, XOR and DIFF;
+ Fixed a TrueType font embedding with zero-terminated records in a Name table;
+ Fixed a text rotation through a LOGFONT structure;
+ Fixed a line drawing style when EXTLOGPEN structure uses.

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