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How to extract text from PDF document


PDF format is meant as electronic paper so it's handy for viewing and printing. If you want to extract texts from a PDF file, you can open the PDF document with Adobe Acrobat and then use the Copy and Paste functions.

PDF2Text Pilot text extractor provides you with faster method of extracting text from PDF documents. Just select PDF files, click Convert, and you will get text files containing the resulting texts from the PDF extraction.

Extract text from PDF with PDF2Text Pilot

Click the "Settings" button if you want set a text document settings. You can tick the "Get Author", "Get Subject", "Get Title" or "Get Keywords" options. The text files will have the same settings with the PDF file.

Batch converting is available. PDF2Text Pilot allows you to extract texts from a batch of PDF files to:
- a corresponding number of files;
- a single file. Tick the "All to one" option just before the "Convert..." button.

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