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How to create DjVu files with DjVu Printer Pilot

Once you install the program, you will see a DjVu Printer Pilot printer in the installed printers list:

How to choose the DjVu Printer Pilot virtual printer

You can send documents to this printer from any application that can print a document; after printing you will have a DJVU document.

When you print a document to a DjVu Printer Pilot printer, this window will appear:

DjVu Printer Pilot program window gets the document after printing

You can preview the printed document in this window before saving a DjVu file.


Document navigation

The page indicator is located under preview; you can go to any page of the document using four green buttons.

Also, you can navigate the documents with arrow keys and page keys:


Document management

Right-click on the preview window to view the popup menu:

Document management in DJVU Printer Pilot

Use these commands to change page order in the document or to delete pages.

You can manage document pages with shortcut keys as well:


Color settings

A list of color settings is located on the bottom of the page.

Color settings for created DjVu document

You can choose No Colors, Half Colors Quality, Normal Colors Quality or Full Colors Quality. The default is Normal Colors Quality.


Printing documents

Click the Export to DjVu button to create a DjVu document. After selecting a folder where your document will be saved and specifying a file name.

The created document will be opened in WinDjView:

Color settings for created DjVu document

If you do not have WinDjView installed on your PC, you can download it for free here.

DjVu Printer Pilot menu

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