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Virtual Printer Driver – Embedded fonts issues

At the moment, there are two problems with embedded fonts: Subsetting problem: Most fonts are too large if they were to be entirely embedded in an output PDF file. The so-called subsetting technique allows one to make files much smaller. By subsetting, only required characters are embedded (only several glyphs instead of the full set …

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January 23rd: Form Pilot (Home, Pro and Office) 2.61 released

Filling out paper and all electronic forms. Visit Form Pilot page for more information. What’s new in this version: * The undo/redo functions have been improved.

December 26th: Perspective Pilot 3.11.0 released

Perspective correction Software. What’s new in this version:  * Plug-in x64 bug has been fixed. Click here to visit the program page.

December 21st: Form Pilot (Home, Pro and Office) 2.60 released

Filling out paper and all electronic forms. Visit Form Pilot page for more information. What’w new in this version: * Fixed bug related to the removal of a text field. * Application launch time has been accelerated.

December 8th: Form Pilot for Mac 3.4 released

Software for filling in paper forms for Mac. Click here for more details… What’s new in this version: + macOS High Sierra support has been added. * Qt library has been updated. * Page orientation is forcibly applied to the printer at the time of printing.

Exif Pilot: process your vacation photo sets

Summer is the time of vacations. And we do shots on our cameras. Very often we need to edit metadata in our photos using an EXIF editor. The possible problems that can appear in the photos: 1) shift time zone; 2) shift date and time; 3) fix GPS coordinates; 4) add comments, keywords, description. These …

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Exif Pilot: Panorama photos and metadata

Exif Pilot 4.13 with support of editing metadata of panorama photos has been released. Some time ago Google added a new feature to their set of web based applications recently. Publishing geo located spherical panoramas (aka Photo Spheres) on Views. And Facebook announced support for 360 photos and panoramas. When you upload a 360 photo …

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Full cycle of EXIF processing

The new version of Exif Pilot 4.12 has been released. Now our EXIF tool supports the full cycle of metadata processing: view, create, edit, and delete EXIF, IPTC metadata. Also Exif Pilot has ability to view XMP tags, but editing such type of metadata is not available yet. In the latest release we’ve added new …

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Export/Import Your Settings in Exif Pilot

We do our releases of Exif Pilot permanently. We hope, we can to continue to release our EXIF editor. Many users sent us requests to add feature for export/import settings of the program. It is useful feature when user installs new version of the our EXIF software. Many our users choose different settings to work …

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How To Process Photo Keywords

Exif Pilot 4.10 has been released. We’ve added feature to manage keywords in photo. Quick tutorial tour to use our EXIF editor for editing, creating, and removing keywords is below.

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