October 2008 archive

PDF Creator – about project and development process

Hi, In this article I describe the organization of the PDF Creator project and the tools that we use to develop and promote the product. Development Tools 1. Subversion (SVN) Control The life of a programmer would be unbearable without a source control manager :-). As of this writing, we have executed 2387 commits in …

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What you should know before deploying your .NET application that uses PDF Creator Pilot and HTML2PDF Addon to another server.

First, you need to install PDF Creator Pilot and HTML2PDF Addon to this server. It is not necessary to run installer programs for those products, you may register in system corresponding dll files running commands (both on x86 and x64 versions): C:\Windows\system32\regsvr32 PDFCreatorPilot.dll C:\Windows\system32\regsvr32 HTML2PDF.dll Second, you need to re-create interop wrappers for these components. …

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